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Things I´m thinking about:

  • Integrate MediaTomb/DLNA. Status: 2
  • Learn how UpdateMedia work. status:2
  • Think about how vdr integration can be done simpler.

UPnP/DLNA: MediaTomb is a more finished product than Fuppes. Both support transcoding, but MediaTomb have a lot more features like scripting capabilities and MySQL backend support. It can also create file that are virtual. Which mean when a user/client start to play them they are fetched in the background from an rtsp stream or something else.

UpdateMedia: Uses iNotify events to know when new files have been added. Writes a ID3 tag file along your video media file. Can extract pictures from mp3.

VDR Integration: Today:

It use VDRPlugin in DECRouter mem space. A VDR device that interface against VDR itself.