VoIP with KPN experiabox

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due a Solved bug by Foxi352 (thanks for that) you need to change usr/pluto/bin/db_phone_config.sh on 10.04 and possibly older versions this will work out of the box on the newest version. Line 474 from: "for Row in $R; do"

          to: for Row in "$R"; do

see ticket 1766 see the change

(H220N it will work with other experiaboxes as well)

  1. Go in the web admin page (see Logging In) to Wizard > Devices > Phone Lines.
  2. Add new phoneline
  3. choose a name like KPN (any name will be oke)
  4. Check the checkbox Enabled
  5. if you choose to use this line as faxline then check the checkbox faxline
  6. prefix blank or any number (when you set a number you have to dial a phonenumber with this number before it)
  7. username* *103 (Internal Extension Number of the experiabox *103)
  8. password* kpn
  9. phonenumber* same as username (*103)
  10. host*
  11. protocol SIP
  12. Hit save to save the settings for the new phoneline

When you see the status Registered you have to place one outgoing phonecall end then you should be able to make and receive calls with LinuxMCE.