Watch a DVD/Listen to a CD

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How to set it up

Normally everything is setup for you automatically. If you're experiencing problems, go to Wizard > Devices > Media Directors and be sure the appropriate media players are checked and a disk drive is checked. Also see: Have LinuxMCE automatically control the TV and Stereo

How to use it

Just put the disk in the drive. When LinuxMCE detects it it will automatically turn on the TV's and stereos, adjust the lights, and display the remote control on any Orbiters in the room. If it's a movie or cd you started watching and didn't finish, the Orbiter may ask if you want to resume where you left off. If the disc is still in the drive from an earlier time that you watched it and you want LinuxMCE to start playing the disc again, instead of ejecting and re-inserting the disc, touch the "Play disc" button on any Orbiter. If want to add pictures for cover art, or attributes such as genres, directors, etc., choose Files & Media, Discs from LinuxMCE Admin Note: The free version of LinuxMCE doesn't play CSS encrypted DVD's. See the Quick Start Guides

Programmer's guide

The Disk Drive DCE device monitors the drive. When a disk is inserted or it receives a Reset command in response to the user touching the "Play Disc" button, it will fire a Media Inserted event which the Media Plugin has an interceptor for, and gets converted into a MH Play Media command. Media Plugin will then find the media device with the highest priority that can handle that type of media (normally Xine Player), and start playing it using the media handler (normally Xine Plugin). The Media Inserted handler also fires an Identify_Media command to all devices in the category Media_Identifiers, which may respond with a Media_Identified event if they determined what the disc is.