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LinuxMCE is a whole house solution.

For the first time in history, all of your house functions are available under a single control, in a smoothly integrated system that anyone can use.

Imagine the following scenario

You are at the office, it is 4:45pm, and you are preparing to leave work for the day to return home. You pick up your mobile phone, and tap a series of keys to select the "Coming Home" scenario. The phone sends the command to the house, which adjusts the temperature in t he house to a comfortable temperature, and optionally adjusts any sprinklers in the yard appropriately.

As you pull up into your drive-way, your cell phone is recognised by the system, and your phone adjusts itself to show a menu of commands that you can send to the house. Your mobile phone is now linked to the house, and your house is now aware that you are home. The house lights turn on automatically, and you unlock the door to your home.

As you unlock the door, you hear your phone messages emitting from the nearby television, and you sit down on your couch.

You tap the menu button on your remote, and select Videos, and select TV shows, and peruse the list of recently recorded TV shows from the integrated TV and digital video recorder.

As you select a movie, your lights dim, and your drapes close. The TV show starts, and you find yourself relaxed and watching.

The phone rings. As the phone rings, the TV stops the program in progress, and you use your remote to pick up the phone call. It's your friend Dave. Dave mentions he's off work, and you ask him to come over. The phone hangs up and the TV show resumes, as it was, automatically.

After 30 minutes of watching the TV program. Your program is stopped again, and your TV announces that there is someone at the door, and your cell phone rings. Upon looking at your cell phone, you see the video feed from a camera mounted on your door, and you see that Dave is at the door, asking if he can come in. You tap the green button on your cell phone, and the electric door strike triggers on the door, opening it.

This is merely one example of a system that can be put together with LinuxMCE. Everything described above is done with easily available commodity hardware, and inexpensively. Furthermore, the entire system is integrated so that above scenarios are not only possible, but implementable with only minimal to moderate effort.

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