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Running an Orbiter on Windows

You have two options for running an orbiter on windows:

Running LinuxMCE on Windows

The rest of the LinuxMCE software, including the DCE Router, the devices and the Plug-ins, can run on Windows (with the exception of Xine and MythTV).

Since there is not yet a Windows-compatible media player, however, porting LinuxMCE to Windows has been a very low priority. An install program is not available to setup a Windows computer as a Core or Media Director.

We created an archive file with all the required dll's and exe's, however:

Uncompress the archive to any directory, and run DCERouter.exe. Any DCE Device can connect to any DCE router. Windows devices can connect to a Linux DCERouter, and vice-versa.

The archive also includes Designer which is used to build the User Interface for the Orbiters. This is a C# program and requires the .NET framework.

You can also download the source code and build with the included Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 project files. You will need to install MySQL, SDL and the Pthread libraries manually, until we have a Windows installer to do it for you. If you want to run the LinuxMCE Admin web site, you will also need php and a compatible web server, like Apache or IIS.