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Custom pointer shapes are used from x-bitmap files.

The standard file extension is xbm. The convention is to use the same name for his mask, and add .msk at the end. i.e. verybig.xbm and verybig.xbm.msk

For a pointer shape, we need a pixmap for the shape, and another one for his mask. The size for these two must be exactly the same.

The pointer hot-spot can be set in the xbm file, and should be set after the final shape is obtained. It is ignored in the mask file.

The colors doesn't matter much, we just use black&white pointers for now. A colored pixmap can be created anyway, as it probably will be used in the future.

By combining the main bitmap and the mask, the 2 colors (black and white) can be obtained. The "invisible" area is obtained by the 0x00 color in the mask.

One can test a shape with the command: $ xsetroot -display $DISPLAY -cursor <name>.xbm <name>.xbm.msk

After that, move the mouse over a free area on the desktop, to see how it looks.

To restore the default mouse shape, use the command: $ xsetroot -display $DISPLAY -cursor_name 'left_ptr'

To convert from other image formats, use the "convert" utility, like this: $ convert prettypointer.jpg prettypointer.xbm $ cp prettypointer.xbm prettypointer.xbm.msk

To edit, and test a pixmap file, use "bitmap" app: $ bitmap filename

It is the standard utility. Another utility for editing pixmaps is "kiconedit" $ kiconedit filename

Warning: kiconedit is friendlier, but it is sensitive to file names. Do not name a file like pretty_100x50.xbm, because it can parse the data in the file in a wrong way, and the pixmap will appear shifted.

To set the hot-spot, just edit with a text editor the xbm file, be careful with the names. i.e.: the name of the xbm. file is "verybig.xbm"

Edit the xbm file, the contents will be initially

   #define verybig_width 200
   #define verybig_height 200
   static char verybig_bits[] = {

Add the x_hot and y_hot lines, and the content will be like this

   #define verybig_width 200
   #define verybig_height 200
   #define verybig_x_hot 100
   #define verybig_y_hot 10
   static char verybig_bits[] = {

Some samples can be found in: /usr/pluto/orbiter/skins/Basic/cursors/pointers_bw/

verybig.xbm uses two colors, and his size is 200x200 up_up.xbm uses just one color, because his mask have the same bits

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