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{{Infobox Graphics Card
{{Infobox Graphics Card
| card make = BFG
| card make = BFG

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Usage Information
BFG GeForce 7300 GT
7300GT 512 AGP angle md.jpg
Make BFG
Model GeForce 7300 GT
GPU nVidia GeForce 7300 GT
Memory 512MB DDR2
Interface AGP 8x
Outputs DVI-I, VGA, HDTV + TV Out
Max UI UI2 (medium)
Visit the product's website


Supports UI2 (medium) on LinuxMCE 0710 RC2

  • UI2 (alpha) has not been tried as of yet, I will update as I try.
  • I had to use the DVI to VGA converter, as direct connection to VGA output had no display, when I switched to the DVI to VGA adapter, it worked first time.
  • I have had a little trouble with AVWizard unable to send valid format to LG LCD TV, currently only have 480p@60 working. I will try other options, but for now I have a working display

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