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LinuxMCE versions later than 0704 include a mechanism to automatically update themselves.

Update from LinuxMCE 1.0 or Pluto to new version of LinuxMCE

LinuxMCE 1.0 and Pluto versions cannot be directly upgraded to the new version of LinuxMCE.

However by following the process listed below, you can make a backup of your configuration settings before you install the new version of LinuxMCE. Save this backup on a CD (or on another PC). Then install the new version (which will clean out the hard drive and do a fresh install). Then restore the backup. LinuxMCE will recognize that it is restoring a backup from a prior version and will import the data.

Backup your files

  • LinuxMCE Admin Website--> Advanced --> Configuration --> Backups
  • Create a restore point by pressing "Backup" and save the file somewhere safe.
Save it to a CD or another PC. If you leave it on your LinuxMCE PC it will be erased when you do the new install.

Install your new version of LinuxMCE

  • You know you want to.

Restore your files

  • LinuxMCE Admin Website--> Advanced --> Configuration --> Backups
  • Use 'Browse' button to locate the backup file and then press 'Restore'.
  • 'Backup file uploaded, please reboot the machine and be patient, since it will take longer than a normal reboot.' Go ahead and reboot.


I used the restore successfully from a Pluto to a LINUX MCE 1.1.


The restore from LINUX MCE 1.0 to LINUX MCE 1.1 was not complete. I have all the devices working but it didn't restore my icons for users, rooms and floor plans, nor the media bookmarks and play lists.


Bang your head against the wall, drink 5 Jolt Colas, and re-create them all.


I installed Pluto and Linux MCE 1.0 with but I used instead when I installed the Linux MCE 1.1. I got TFTP timeout when booting the media directors.


If you use for the Pluto (or Linux MCE 1.0) internal network address and you later install Linux MCE 1.1 with you don't need to do anything else.
If you use on internal network an address different from, (i.e. you need to go to LinuxMCE Admin Website--> Advanced --> Network --> Settings and hit 'update' button.