Bang & Olufsen Systems

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Usage Information

For integrated systems, like the BeoVision 2000, the following mappings apply to the inputs:

B&O InputB&O CommandB&O SourceLinuxMCE Command
TV80h0h161 TV
Radio81h1h394 Radio
V.Aux82h2h285 V.Aux
A.Aux83h3h164 Aux
VTR85h5h166 tuner
VLP/CDV86h6h177 Laserdisc
Camcorder87h8h316 AV1
Sat8AhAh281 DBS/Satellite
A.Tun90h10h326 Tuner 3
Tape91h11h160 Tape / Tape 1
CD92h12h162 CD
Phone93h13h163 Phono
Tape294h14h173 Tape 2
VTR2A8h??h175 Tuner 2