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To connect the [GE NX-8E] to the LinuxMCE system, you need a RS-232, P-0003 straight-through serial cable that will connect to the serial header on the NX-8E main board. You can get this cable from computer or electronics stores. Make sure that the part that connects to the alarm panel's header does not have a plastic block on the last pin (slot #10 - this is unused in a 9-pin connector), otherwise it will not fit into the board.

You will also need the GC100 to connect the alarm panel to the network unless you plan on connecting it directly to a serial port on the core.

--still trying to get the alarm panel to work so if anyone has LinuxMCE configuration help, please include it here.--

The following information about configuring the NX-8E panel came from here:

Serial Port Wiring

This has been tested with a 10-pin to DB9 serial cable, straight through serial cable, and gender changer.

10-pin to DB9 serial cable
File:Mm serial db9.jpg
Straight-through serial cable
File:Ff gender changer.jpg
Female-Female gender changer

The 0-pin to DB9 serial cable is connected to the serial header so that its connector is plugged into the NX8E board with the red edge of the ribbon cable (pin 1) facing towards the bottom of the board. The only pins that matter for the NX-8E are pins 2, 3, and 5. Make sure that each pin corresponds to the same hole on the header connector. If they do, it is a straight-through serial cable. If connections for pins 2 and 3 are reversed, then you can correct this by re-soldering pins 2 and 3 wires to a straight-through configuration.

NX-8E panel ---{male] [female}---s-t serial cable---{male] [female|female]-GC100==CAT5E/6===switch===core

Panel Configuration

Using the alarm's keypad to program the panel, go to the program menu by pressing *8, followed by your 4 or 6 digit programming code. Enter 0# to program the panel device. Then set the following to:

Location 207 segment 1 = 1
Location 208 segment 1 = 3 (for 19200 baud rate which is set for the GC100)
Location 209 segment 1 = 1 (for ASCII)
Location 210 segment 2 = 1, 2
Location 211 segment 1 = 2, 5, 6, 7
Location 211 segment 2 = 1
Location 211 segment 3 = 1, 2
Location 211 segment 4 = 6, 7, 8

Make sure you press the * key after you enter each value from the keypad. # will exit without making the change. Finally, press "EXIT" twice to exit the programming mode. The panel will display a message for a few seconds then return to normal.

Alternate Panel Configuration

You can also use the free Caddx DL900 Windows software for configuring the alarm panel. Download the software from here. The user-name and password for this site is "webuser" and "care4u", respectively. This information came from this site.

The master access user-name is "CADDX" with password "1234"; the operator access user-name is "supervisor" with password "1234".

LinuxMCE Configuration

If using the GC100, follow the instructions for configuring the GC100 prior to continuing.

On the Interfaces page, choose GE Interlogix as the alarm panel's interface. Choose the GC100's "Generic Relays" as the "controlled by" parameter for the alarm panel.

On the Security page, add all the security sensors and devices. Use the "Port/Channel Number" as the Zone number for the devices. For example, if your main door sensor is connected to zone 1 in your alarm panel, then input a 1 in the "Port/Channel Number" parameter. Choose "controlled by" "GE Interlogix".