ChangeLog 0710 Beta4

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• Added subtitles support in Xine_Player

• Support for ocg files in OrbiterSDL

• Telecom, UpdateMedia improvements and fixes

• Latest fixes for MythTV

• Media playback and ripping fixes

• Added support for ELO and 3M touchscreen

• Improvements for gc100

• Webadmin Screensaver page improvements

• Fixes for dynamic providers list in phone lines.

• Fixes for sqlCVS client webpage to allow the user to commit DB changes

CD Installer:

• Fix installation of nvidia drivers when installing without internet

• Fix composite manager when running UIDiag

Storage Devices:

• Fixed issues with raid status not reporting correctly on MDs

• Fixed disk free space detection

• Fixed samba/nfs shares offline detection

• Switched default from cifs to smbfs for samba shares

• Wrapper for mount to workaround a bug in umount.smbfs that left /etc/mtab unsync’d

• Improved password detection for samba shares

• Fixed internal drive detection for MDs


• Began adding support to change the internal network address after install