Changing Xine Player Audio Settings

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LinuxMCE Xine Player audio settings are configured at LinuxMCE Admin Website, at the Media Directors section. The format of corresponding Device Data item is a string, containing 0 or more character flags (see possible values below):

C = S/PDIF Coaxial, Xine option 'audio.alsa_front_device' will be set to 'asym_spdif'

O = S/PDIF TosLink/Optical, Xine option 'audio.alsa_front_device' will be set to 'asym_spdif'

S = Analog Stereo, Xine option 'audio.alsa_front_device' will be set to 'plughw:0'

L = Analog Multi-channel, Xine option 'audio.alsa_front_device' will be set to 'plughw:0'

(this probably refers to 4.0 and 5.1 using analog jacks for 2-channel pairs)

3 = AC3/DTS PassThrough, Xine option 'audio.output.speaker_arrangement' will be set to 'Pass Through'

(if 3 is not present, 'audio.output.speaker_arrangement' will be set to 'Stereo 2.0')

M = Manual, if the flag is present, the whole configuration string will be ignored and defaults from /etc/pluto/xine.conf won't be overridden

Troubleshooting audio setup

1. Sometimes A/V wizard won't work and here's simple help to try settings :

Play sample music on default output (analog out on most MDs)

mpg321 /usr/pluto/sound/avwizard_volume_test.mp3

in 8.10 this file can be found here (you must first apt-get install mpg321):

mpg321 /home/public/data/avwizard-sounds/avwizard_volume_test.mp3

Play sample music on spdif output (not sure how this is different for optical or coax spdif)

mpg321 -a asym_spdif /usr/pluto/sound/avwizard_volume_test.mp3