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Convergent Home Technologies - LinuxMCE Systems & Professionally Installed Dianemo Systems

Convergent Home Technologies (CHT) is a UK based company that have been configuring, building, testing and installing Pluto & LinuxMCE based Home Automation Systems since the beginning of 2005. In 2008 we introduced our own product called Dianemo, based on LinuxMCE that is targeted at the professional installation market. In mid 2009 we introduced Cascade Smart Home to our family of Home Automation Products. Cascade Smart Home is aimed at people who want to 'self install' a system without the hassle of building it from scratch themselves. All of the Convergent team also have systems in our own homes and so our depth and understanding of LinuxMCE is not just that of an Engineer but also one of a passionate user of the system too! As partners to the original Pluto team and now LinuxMCE we bring a wealth knowledge and understanding of how LinuxMCE works and how to configure it so that it can become the centre of your families digital home.

CHT also contribute to the LinuxMCE project in a number of ways such as our contributions in the forums to help user get their systems up and running, through contributing code such as the vdr TV integration to the project and also through a long term hardware/software testing program.

Cascade systems are built, tested and configured by our team to your needs and then shipped to you ready for you to do the last physical steps of installation in your home. We are committed to supporting our customers with strong aftersales service and through comprehensive online support.

Please visit the Dianemo web site or the Cascade web site for more information.

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