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== EasyTAG ==
== EasyTAG ==

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EasyTag supports IDv2.4, which allows UTF-8, as of version 3.1.1. This is GNOME-based GUI utility. You can install easytag from the universe repository:

sudo apt-get install easytag


Utility mid3iconv is a part of Python-mutagen package. It is a tool which can do mass conversion of mp3 files. You can install python-mutagen from the universe repository:

sudo apt-get install python-mutagen

Convert MP3 Tags using mid3iconv

find . -name "*.mp3" -print0 | xargs -0 mid3iconv -e CP1251 -d


tag2utf is a little Python script that converts the encoding of ID3 tags from koi8 or cp1251 (two most widely used Russian encodings) to utf8. Installation is pretty simple. Just download tag2utf.py to the ~/bin. Be sure that you have installed package python-eyed3 on your PC.

Convert MP3 Tags using tag2utf

tag2utf <path to dir with MP3 files>