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How To Make A Hybrid Out Of a Core

Doing a CD install allows you to install a core only system. If later on, you want your core to become a hybrid, these are the steps you have to take

  1. Add a Generic PC as MD with the web-admin (Unfortunately it can't be added to the core directoy, but only as a top level device)
  2. Go back into the device and change "This device is controlled via" to CORE
  3. Put it in a room
  4. Empty the "IP Address" field
  5. Reboot

After a reboot it comes up (takes a while with lots of installations).


The UI might be displayed clipped (only showing the upper left corner). To fix that, click the bottom left of the screen (normally the LMCE logo in UI1) and then the "Video Res & Audio Setup" button, this will take you thru the AVWizard to fix the problem.

This article is a recap of what Zaerc wrote in the forum.