DCE Binary Communication Protocol

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A device can create a command connection and one or more event connections to the router.

The command connection is used as an incoming connection and device will use it to receive message from the router (commands).

An event connection is used by the device as an outgoing connection to notify the router about events or the deliver commands to other devices.

The DCERouter process is listening on 3450 port.

How to create an event connection

Here is how the handshake is made for an event connection:

>> Device sends:

HELLO <my_device_id> '\n'

<< To router can response with :

NOT IN THIS INSTALLATION IP=<device_ip_address> '\n'


OK 43 IP=<device_ip_address> '\n'

>> Device sends:

EVENT 43 '\n'

<< To router will response with :

OK 43 IP=<device_ip_address> '\n'

>> To send a message, the device will send :

MESSAGE <size_of_binary_message> '\n'

and then


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