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This page describes the rather large dcerouter api for qorbiter. 'dcerouter' is provided as a context object, meaning it can be accessed by that name so that you can interact with the core like sending commands, requesting data, etc. This is a work in progress and if you note any problems, please notify Langston Ball.


Properties are accessed by: dcenowplaying.propertyname
Property Name Property Type Signal Description Example
dceIP string dceIPChanged() contains the current ip address of the active connection to the core.
DCEHost string DCEHostChanged() The hostname of the current active connection to the core.
mediaResponse string mediaResponseChanged() This is a server message that comes with requests relating to media. EX:
onMediaResponseChanged:console.log("Router Says: "+ mediaResponse)
qs_storageDevice string storageDeviceChanged() The LinuxMCE storage device the media is stored on
qs_mainTitle string titleChanged() The Media title of playing media, otherwise its file name
qs_mainTitle2 string titleChanged2() Sometimes additional title params are sent, this is where they are deposited.
qs_subTitle String titleChanged() Secondary text relating to media titles
genre string genreChanged() Genre's seperated by a vertical slash
tvProgram string programChanged() The title of the tv program, otherwise blank
channel string channelChanged() Current tv channel number
channelID string chanIDchanged() The Current channel ID for mythtv
network string networkChanged() The name of the TV network, i.e. HBO
episode string episodeChanged() The name of the episode currently being viewed if available.
album string albumChanged() The title of the album playing
track string trackChanged() The current playing audio track
performerList string performersChanged() A list of vertical slash seperated performers
synop string synopChanged() Synopsis
director string directorChanged() The director(s)
releaseDate string rlsChanged() Release Date of the media