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This page describes the rather large dcerouter api for qorbiter. 'dcerouter' is provided as a context object, meaning it can be accessed by that name so that you can interact with the core like sending commands, requesting data, etc. This is a work in progress and if you note any problems, please notify Langston Ball.


Properties are accessed by: dcenowplaying.propertyname
Property Name Property Type Signal Description Example
dceIP string dceIPChanged() contains the current ip address of the active connection to the core.
DCEHost string DCEHostChanged() The hostname of the current active connection to the core.
mediaResponse string mediaResponseChanged() This is a server message that comes with requests relating to media. EX:
onMediaResponseChanged:console.log("Router Says: "+ mediaResponse)
deviceResponse string deviceResponseChanged() The response from any commands issued to devices. EX:
onDeviceResponseChanged:console.log("Device 32 Says: "+ deviceResponse)
eventResponse string evenResponseChanged() Notification of events from the core.
commandResponse string commandResponseChanged() Response from commands issue to the core.
media_pageSeperator int newPageSeperator() This property changes the amount of cells returned by a datagrid request. It can be changed at any time, and the media grid will recalculate.
media_currentPage int mediaPageChanged() The current 'page' of the total cells requesting in the datagrid divided by the allowed amount of cells per page (media_pageSeperator)
i_current_mediaType int mediaTypeChanged() Current media type of the media in the data grid screen
m_dwPK_Device int deviceIdChanged() QOrbiter's device id.
qMediaPlayerID int qMediaPlayerIDChanged() The media player id for qMediaPlayer associated with this qOrbiter. it is required to start qMediaPlayer
discreteAudio bool discreteAudioChanged () True if discrete audio is avail
m_bContainsVideo bool containsVideo() If the stream contains video or not.
usingLiveAv bool liveAvPath() If the device is using live av path
m_bIsOSD bool isOsd() If Qorbiter is an onscreen display. experimental
monitorAvailible bool monitorStatusChanged() If monitor mode is available


There are a lot of signals.