Development Goals for LinuxMCE 0804

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  • Boot screen
    • Use LinuxMCE logo rather than Ubuntu
    • Use graphical boot on MD's, except on first setup boot.
  • Power Savings (all devs)
    • Use tickless kernel
    • Run PowerTOP and eliminate worst offenders
  • MythTV 0.21 integration (danielk)
    • Support multiple recording directories
    • Support MythTV as tv show and DVD player from within LMCE
    • Improve LiveTV integration
      • Add MythTV dialog awareness to MythTV_Player
      • Add MythTV signal monitor to MythTV_Player
    • Improve setup wizard
    • Add MythTV (non-livetv) button to Orbiters.
    • Make mythbackend bootscripts respond in standard ways to start/stop/restart without losing restart functionality.
    • Add support for HD-PVR_1212 [1]
  • MAME integration (tschak)
  • Insteon (petek,ddamron)
    • Integrate PLC/PLM support
    • Support 2-way comms for both controllers
  • Z-Wave (hari)
    • Improve job handler
    • Support 2-way comms
  • IR (not yet assigned)
    • Support learning for all LIRC supported IR receivers
      • Write LIRC format to PRONTO format converter
    • Support blasting for all LIRC supported IR transmitters
  • Orbiter theming
    • Create LMCE Orbiter theme to replace basic
  • Package cleanup
    • Use standard packaging for all GPL licensed code so that it can be integrated into mainline Ubuntu
    • Use dpatch and clean tarballs for external code packaged by builder (mythtv,asterisk,etc.)