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IOS Orb Home Screen.JPG

The Dianemo iOS Orbiter is a touch orbiter based on RoamingOrb by Foxi352. It uses the same techniques as WebOrbiter 2.0 and Touch Orbiter in that it connects with an instance of proxy_orbiter running on your Dianemo NerveCentre or LinuxMCE Core. Dianemo iOS Orbiter is compatible with both Dianemo NerveCentre's & LinuxMCE Core's but will offer a number of additional features and capabilities when used in conjunction with a NerveCentre. The Dianemo iOS Orbiter is compatible with iPhone3G, iPhone3GS, iPhone4, all models of iPod Touch and iPad.


The app will be available through the official Apple app store in early Nov 2010 as a Free download for all iOS device users.


Installation is simple and is carried out the same way as for any other iOS app.

  • Connect to the app store either from your PC or Laptop or your iOS device..
  • Search for the app "RoamingOrb"
  • On the description page touch on "Free" to install it (you may be required to enter your iTunes store account details - the App is however Free).
  • If you downloaded the App on your PC or Laptop you will need to sync your iOS device to install it.


IOS Orb Settings.JPG

After having installed the app you first have to set your preferences. Dianemo iOS Orbiter integrates into the standard "Settings" app of your iOS device. Touch the Settings app and scroll down to the "Dianemo" entry. Touch "Dianemo" to change the settings You should at least set the server IP and the server port of the proxy orbiter for your iOS device.