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Before installing, check out the Known Issues. There is an issue with the Quick Install DVD that may affect most users, but there is an easy work around. You may also be interested in:

  • The demo Video, which is the best way to get oriented and see what LinuxMCE can do.
  • The short Architecture Intro that explains which PCs you will need to install software on, and how they work together.
  • The Quick Start Guide, which explains how to set the video and audio settings using the AV Wizard and how to add devices using the Setup Wizard.
  • The Usage Intro is a quick primer on how to use LinuxMCE, once it's installed.

There are 2 installers, please download from one of the mirrors or torrents here.

Latest snapshot DVDs can be found here

Installation instructions for 10.04 (bleeding edge)

If you are brave and technologically adept enough, you might want to try Installing 1004. No support is currently given for 10.04.

Installation instructions for 8.10 (recommended download)

Currently, Installing 0810 is the recommended option. Follow the steps laid out on the install page, and be sure to check out the Snapshot overview before downloading the snapshot

Quick install DVD for 07.10

This installs both the Kubuntu OS and LinuxMCE at the same time, in about 20 minutes and with only 3 keystrokes. You pick the hard drive onto which you want LinuxMCE to be installed, and the installer will partition it, format it, and install everything with default options. It will even set your location and regional settings using an IP2Location service. The DVD installer copies a pre-configured image to your hard drive. It is therefore fast and easy, but there is little control over the installation process. Note: The DVD installer erases all existing data from the selected hard drive. The DVD Installation page contains a walkthrough of this installer.

Two-CD installer

The LinuxMCE CD installer comes on 2 CDs. It requires that the Kubuntu OS be installed first, using the Kubuntu Desktop Live CD (or using the alternate site for the Kubuntu Desktop Live CD). LinuxMCE is then installed on top of Kubuntu. The CD installer should only be installed on a Kubuntu installation that has not already been upgraded, since the LinuxMCE installer updates both the Kubuntu and LinuxMCE configuration files in parallel.

The CD installer gives you a lot more installation options. It takes about an hour or so to install, since everything is stored in .deb packages which must be decompressed and installed. The Installation Guide explains how to use the CD installer.

Purchase a CD or DVD

LinuxMCE media can be purchased online for users who can't download or burn media.

Upgrade from LinuxMCE 1.0 or Pluto

You can upgrade from a previous installation of LinuxMCE or Pluto. Please see Backup and Restore.

Source code

Instructions on getting the source code and compiling it are located on Building From Source page.


Please indicate on the forums if the installation went well so we know what needs fixing.