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Usage Information

How to set it up

When creating your lighting or climate scenarios in LinuxMCE Admin Website, using the page found at:

You'll note that the first scenario for each room is marked default on, and the second scenario for each room is marked default off. Whenever anybody has follow me lighting or follow me climate turned on their mobile phones, then when they enter a room the default on scenario will automatically be executed, and when all people have left the room, the default off scenario will be executed. Note that when you enter a room it takes approximately 10 seconds before the Bluetooth mobile phone is recognized. This is the nature of Bluetooth, that's just how long it takes to do a scan. If you need a faster response you will need to install another type of identification device such as RFID.

How to use it

On your mobile phone orbiter, the 1 button displays your lighting scenarios, and 2 button displays your climate scenarios. If you hold down the 1 or 2 button then you will toggle the follow me. When follow me is on, you'll see the big red F. and on a normal orbiter, such as a Web pad or PDA, you can choose the lighting or climate floor plan button, and you'll see a button that toggles between F and F with a cross. When it is an F, then follow me will be enabled for whoever is the currently active user on that orbiter. These orbiters are not automatically able to detect what part of the House you're in, and therefore follow me is not automatic. But if you change the room on the orbiter manually, by choosing the room but in, and you have follow me turned on, then it will still work. For example, on your PDA you can turn the lighting follow me on. Then choose a room, and you'll see the "default on" scenario is executed. Then select another room. You'll see the "default off" scenario is executed in the first room, and "default on" scenario is executed in the new room.

Programmer's guide

The orbiter plug-in has the responsibility for firing the follow me events. There are five follow me events: lighting, climate, media, telecom, and security. There are five plug-ins corresponding to those five types of events. Follow me is just one of the things that those plug-ins do. For example the media plug-in also handles starting stopping and moving all media, and implementing the follow function is just one very small part. However since what triggers the follow me is an event, you can write an event interceptor for any DCE device so that you can add other code that gets executed when any of the follow me events are fired.

Additional Information