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Adding Support Of iMON PAD remote control

IMON PAD remote.jpg

iMON IR receiver is a part of many popular and nice looking HTPC cases such Silverstone LC16M and LC20M. But LinuxMCE doesn't support in from the box. That brief how to will help you add iMON PAD to your installation. Sure that approach can be applied to any LIRC remote.

Adding new device template

You can use that script to automatically add device template for iMON PAD including Silverstone LC16 and Antec Fusion Wheel or do it manually:

  1. In the LinuxMCE admin website, Go to Advanced :: Configuration :: Device Templates, add new manufacture - SoundGraph, add a new template for that manufacture (choose LIRC Remote Control as Device Category)
  2. In the new template add a property - Configuration and put there LIRC configuration file for iMON PAD, for example, you can use that one (modified according to LinuxMCE buttons mapping).
  3. Go to media director(s) page, press "Add Remote" and chose iMON PAD from the list.
  4. Set "Infrared Receivers" as "default".
  5. Quick reload router.

After router is up you should see that lirc package in your system: dpkg -l|grep lirc Also, a new log for the LIRC device will be available - <some_ID>_LIRC.log

Note: iMON remote control is supported by LIRC 0.8.1. But to use iMON PAD buttons we have to re-compile LIRC with applied patch:

tar xvjf lirc-0.8.1.tar.bz2
CD lirc-0.8.0
patch -p1 < ../lirc-imon-pad2keys.patch
make install

Using iMON PAD remote control

Using PAD buttons: Up, Down, Left and Right it's possible to move from one menu item to another. Button 'Enter' is needed to choose desired item. Green button returns you to the main screen. Also, there are available numeric buttons from 0 to 9. Using them you can also choose menu item but PAD buttons are much efficient. For more information, have a look at Control LinuxMCE using an Infrared remote

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