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From your LinuxMCE box

  1. Go to the KDE desktop: Advanced --> KDE desktop
  2. Start Konversation: K --> Internet --> Konversation (IRC Client)
  3. Hit the New button
    1. Identity --> Edit: Change the nicknames
    2. Network: Freenode
    3. Servers --> Add: and close with the OK button
    4. Auto join Channels --> Add: #LinuxMCE and close with the OK button
    5. Press the OK button
  4. Select LinuxMCE and close the dialog with the Connect button

Step 3 is only needed the first time

From elsewhere

If your browser is properly configured to handle "irc" URLs you can click here:


Most IRC clients allow you to connect manually, simply type the following:


Change your nick to your liking (as long as nobody else is using it):

/nick what_ever_nick_you_want

Then join our channel:

/join #linuxmce

Now you should be dropped right into the channel.