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Known Issues with LinuxMCE 0704

Be sure to read Video#network because if you don't enable your network connection you won't have gallery art or be able to add extra software.

The QuickInstall DVD is not correctly handling an installation with a single network interface card. If you have only 1 network interface card, then as explained in Video#network when you go to test your network, go into the Admin site. Choose Advanced, Configuration, Devices. Click the 'Core' in the left device tree. Scroll down to 'Network Settings', and carefully edit that line changing the text that says "eth1" to instead say "eth0:0". Then save the changes on that page. Now go to Advanced, Network, Network Settings. If you're using a static IP specify it now. Whether or not you made any changes, click the update button which will cause it to reset your network. Confirm you now have an internet connection. The network settings should show that eth0 is your normal network (dhcp or static), and eth1 is If you don't want LinuxMCE to be your DHCP server, you can disable that option here.

LinuxMCE 0704 will not use windows shares with spaces in them, e.g. "DISK 1".