Known Issues 0710 Beta4

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  • "Failed to get IVTV video driver" message on status window on Orbiter. it's because IVTV package fails to install.
  • VIA video support is a bit lame at the moment: Cursor leaves dandruff with OpenChrome drivers (fix is to enable SWCursor in xorg.conf, need to make default), MythTV menu text not always drawn with VIA proprietary drivers
  • nVidia 7150 + and some 6150 systems have high cpu problem. This causes high Xorg usage with MythTV + Xine, unless V-Sync disabled.
  • Zwave children have the device data's and room reseted after reload router. A fixed was committed (svn rev #19914) in General Info Plugin for this. To fix this on your machine, follow the steps:

- cd /usr/pluto/bin

- mv

- wget -c (for i386)


- wget -c (for amd64)

- reload router