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General Information

The Sipura (now bought out by Linksys) spa 2000 is a pstn (analog phone line) to Asterisk gateway device that provides a SIP interface for 2 FXS ports (analog phone). This allows you to use your analog phones with LinuxMCE/Asterisk.


We are going to accomplish this setup in 2 easy steps: 1) Adding the device for the internal phone lines (FXS ports) 2) Configuring the spa2000

Step 1 - Adding the device template for the FXS ports (your internal phone/phones)

In the web admin, on the left pane under devices, select Phones. On the resulting page, you should see all of the Orbiter Embedded Phones that your system already has. At the bottom of this page, click the "Add Device" button, then select "Generic SIP Softphone" from the Device Template picker. Click the "Pick device template" button. Now notice that you have a new phone device in you list. Change the name to something like "House Line", set the PK_FloorplanObjectType to "Cordless Phone", set the Phone Type to SIP. Notice that the PhoneNumber is already filled out. LEAVE THIS ALONE AND REMEMBER IT! This will be the extension of your internal analog phones (or whatever single phone you have plugged into the FXS Port!) Also, you can assign this phone a room (it really doesn't matter which one you choose) and make sure the "Controlled By" column says Asterisk. If it does not say "Asterisk", click on it and choose Asterisk (Asterisk) - from the dropdown. When finished, Hit the Update button at the bottom of the screen to save these changes. You will have to reload your router, and do a quick regen on all orbiters manually (from the Devices->Orbiters section)

Repeat the above steps to create another device if you plan on using the second FXS port.

Step 2 - Configuring the spa2000

This part assumes a factory default starting point. To do this, hook up an analog phone to the FXS (phone) port, and dial **** When prompted, enter ****73738# from the telephone keypad, then press 1 to confirm. This will reset the unit to factory defaults.

Now go ahead and connect the spa2000 to your internal network switch. Dial **** from the connected handset to get the IP address. Open up a web browser on the network, and enter the IP address to go to the spa2000 admin page. In the upper right hand corner, click on the link for Advanced.

Next, go to the SIP tab. Change the following: RTP Packet Size: 0.020

Next, go to the Line 1 tab. Change the following:

Line Enable: Yes

SIP Port: 5060


Register: Yes

Register Expires: 3600

Make Call Without Reg: yes

Ans Call Without Reg: yes

Display Name: <extension number LMCE assigned your Generic Phone device> (mine was 206 for example)

UserID: <again, extension number LMCE assigned your Generic Phone device>

Password: <once again, extension number LMCE assigned your Generic Phone device>

Use AuthID: no

Preferred Codec: set to G711u

Use Pref Codec Only: no

Dial Plan: (xxx|xxxx|xxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxx|1xxxxxxxxxx)

Next, go to the Line 2 tab. Make the same changes as above.

Now enjoy LMCE Telecom on your old analog phone line!