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#On MD Switch to a terminal session
#On MD Switch to a terminal session
## Login to MD as root
## Login to MD as root
## apt-get install nvividia-glx-177
## apt-get install nvidia-glx-177
#From core copy valid xorg.conf from etc/X11 to /usr/pluto/diskless/##/etc/X11
#From core copy valid xorg.conf from etc/X11 to /usr/pluto/diskless/##/etc/X11
# Reboot MD. Now, the AV Wizard should come up
# Reboot MD. Now, the AV Wizard should come up

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LinuxMCE-0810-alpha1 is a test release build from the sources available in the LinuxMCE-0810 branch of SVN. It is missing several components of which the sources are not publicly available.

This page is superseeded by LinuxMCE-0810 alpha2


  1. Install Kubuntu Intrepid, update it and enable the restricted (video) drivers if needed. (download Kubuntu 8.10 release)
  2. Run aptitude update and aptitude dist-upgrade to get the latest Kubuntu updates.
  3. Grab the latest installer script from here, unpack them and change into the freshly created new-installer directory.
  4. Run the following scripts (as root, in order): pre-install-from-repo.sh, mce-install.sh, post-install.sh.
  5. Reboot, wait for the activity to stop (see progress on console 8).

In other words, after installing Kubuntu and upgrading it etcetera:

sudo su - #This might ask for the password you specified earlier during the install of kubuntu.
wget -c http://deb.linuxmce.org/ubuntu/new-installer-alpha1.tar.bz2
tar xvf new-installer-alpha1.tar.bz2
cd new-installer

Setup Diskless MD

  1. On core from a terminal run sudo /usr/pluto/bin/Diskless_BuildDefaultImage.sh
  2. Boot MD
  3. Rundiskless setup fails, but the device gets created
  4. Change md to i386 in webadmin -> rebuild image
  5. On the core
    1. Set a password for root on MD
      1. chroot /usr/pluto/diskless/<##>
      2. run passwd.... enter password for root
  6. On MD Switch to a terminal session
    1. Login to MD as root
    2. apt-get install nvidia-glx-177
  7. From core copy valid xorg.conf from etc/X11 to /usr/pluto/diskless/##/etc/X11
  8. Reboot MD. Now, the AV Wizard should come up
  9. After the AV Wizard it takes a longer time to launch devices. No not need to reboot.


If you don't happen to have a running xorg.conf, copy over the existing /etc/X11/xorg.conf.pluto-avwizard to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.

You have to remove a single line RgbPath from the xorg.conf file, and change the line

driver nv


driver nvidia

Known Problems

Upgrading pluto-storage-devices

If apt-get upgrade does cause problems with pluto-boot-scripts, do the following

dpkg -r --force-all pluto-storage-devices
apt-get install pluto-storage-devices
apt-get upgrade

VDR Installation

VDR does not yet install a working setup. Follow VDR Manual Install regarding configuration files.

VDR and sqlCVS Update

A sqlCVS update will reset the selection from VDR back to MythTV. Re-running the Setup wizard and re-selecting VDR rectifies this glitch.

For other older known problems please look at LinuxMCE-0810_alpha0


20081206 (alpha-1.1)

  • pluto-vdr_2.
  • pluto-src-vdr_2.
  • pluto-website-admin_2.

20081214 (alpha-1.2)

  • pluto-boot-scripts_2.
  • pluto-website-admin_2.
  • pluto-vdr_2.
  • pluto-src-vdr_2.

20081221 (alpha-1.3)

  • lirc-pluto_0.1.1
  • pluto-skins-basic_2.
  • pluto-website-admin_2.
  • pluto-boot-scripts_2.

20081228 (alpha-1.4)

  • asterisk-pluto_1.4.10-4
  • pluto-std-plugins_2.
  • pluto-storage-devices_2.
  • pluto-website-admin_2.
  • pluto-raid-tools_2.
  • pluto-asterisk_2.
  • pluto-avwizard-src_2.
  • pluto-avwizard_2.
  • pluto-boot-scripts_2.
  • pluto-capture-card-scripts_2.
  • pluto-dhcpd-plugin_2.
  • mce-diskless-tools-src_2.
  • mce-diskless-tools_2.

20090104 (alpha-1.5)

  • libxine1-xvdr_1.0.1-5+lmce1
  • libxineliboutput-fbfe_1.0.1-5+lmce1
  • libxineliboutput-sxfe_1.0.1-5+lmce1
  • vdr-plugin-xineliboutput_1.0.1-5+lmce1
  • xineliboutput-fbfe_1.0.1-5+lmce1
  • xineliboutput-sxfe_1.0.1-5+lmce1
  • pluto-website-admin_2.

20090111 (alpha-1.6)

  • pluto-website-admin_2.
  • pluto-updatemedia_2. #72 --posde
  • pluto-slim-server-streamer_2. #77 --posde
  • pluto-boot-scripts_2. #80 --posde

20090118 (upcoming)