MD Newbie Pack Slim I

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Usage Information
Silverstone LaCasa 19 Case
MSI Media Live (7329) Motherboard
Fiire Chief Remote Control

Note: Some of the components on this list may not be available outside of Europe. Look here for other Media Director examples.


Confirmed working with 0704, 0710b3, 0710b4, 0710RC1


  • Small HiFi form factor
  • Brushed aluminum front
  • Clear design
  • Plenty of outputs (component, HDMI, ..)
  • low power usage
  • UI2 capable (reported up to 720p)



SilverStone LaCasa LC19

See website for more details. Approx. $140.

Optical (DVD) drive

Pioneer (Bulk) DVR-K06 Slim Slot-In


AMD BE2400

Cooling Fan or Heat Sink

Silverstone NT07-AM2 Fan (website)

  • For AMD CPU sockets up to 65W power
  • Low profile
  • Approx. $20 (April 2008).

Available in Europe only:

NORTHQ NQ 3393 Heat sink with fan (website)


Hiper HFC10820C1 (German website)


2xDDR2 PC800 1GB


MSI Media Live Mainboard

See website for details.


Fiire Chief