MSI Media Live Barebone

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Usage Information
MSI Media Live Barebone

MSI Media Live Barebone


Barebone from MSI with the MSI Media Live Motherboard (7329)

VFD Front Panel Display

To get this working, you will need to do the following

  • log into the webadmin at http://dcerouter/lmce-admin/
  • In the left hand menu frame scroll to the bottom and select "Show Device Tree". Now click the '+' next to the name of your MSI Media Live MD to expand the list to display its devices. You should now see an item called "Media Live LCD/Buttons". Click on this item.
  • You will now see the Device Template for the "Media Live LCD/Buttons" displayed in the right hand frame.
  • In the line in the device template labeled "Device Template" you will see a green button named "View"... Click this to view/edit the device template #1860 for the "Media Live LCD/Buttons".
  • A new window will open to display the device template #1860.
    • On the 2nd line of the device template you will see 'Implements DCE' - tick this.
    • Now in the 'Command Line' field enter "Media_Live_LCDButtons" **make sure there are no typos in this string**
    • Scroll to the bottom of the window and click 'Save' and then close the window.
    • Now restart your media director to have the template changes take effect.
  • Once the MD has booted and you are back in the Orbiter your MSI Media Live VFD should be illuminated and displaying the date/time.
  • Try playing some audio/video and watch the VFD display as you navigate an play content - all of which will be reflected in the display.
  • If your a VDR user you will see channel name and EPG data displayed for the live picture.
  • also has been test in mythtv and it works the same as VDR

Thanks to Thom and Gbutters Reference:

Getting DVD's to play

When you first install your Media Live the DVD player has no region set and will not play CSS encrypted DVD's. ie just about all commercially available DVD's. To set the region of the DVD player follow the instructions at

The device on my Media Live was /dev/dvd