MSI Wind Nettop

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Usage Information

The MSI Wind Nettop is a very small, ultra low power consumption Intel Atom based PC that can be used as an MD. This is a low end, very low cost barebones PC that already includes a CPU. So for MD usage, you just need to add a stick of RAM and you're done!

It is available from NewEgg (they do not ship internationally) for US$149.99, here.

MSI Wind Nettop

This is almost Identical to the MSI Wind PC except that it has a dual core cpu.

System Specs

  • Small foot print - 300x260x65mm
  • Intel 1.6GHz Atom 330 (dual core) on board
  • 7.1 Surround sound - analogue minijacks
  • Almost noiseless
  • Low energy consumption - designed to operate at full speed using only 35W


  • Video is analogue - no DVI or HDMI
  • Audio is analogue - no SPDIF out
  • Due to the below known issue, Photo Screen Saver must be disabled for UI2

LMCE 810

This device is plug and play as a diskless MD with 1 small exception, it will be detected as amd64 and need to be changed in web admin.

Known Issues

  • Photo Screen Saver causes issues with the Intel graphics chipset - this causes the screen to not display properly. Resolution: disable PSS.