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|width=48|{{Click || image=gearhead_smile.png | link=:Category:Tutorials | width=58px | height=57px }}
|width=48|{{Click || image=gearhead_smile.png | link=:Category:Tutorials | width=58px | height=57px }}
|'''[[:Category:Hardware Compatibility|Hardware Compatibility]]'''<br><small>Compatible Hardware
|'''[[:Category:Hardware|Hardware Compatibility]]'''<br><small>Compatible Hardware

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The LinuxMCE wiki

Your guide to a smarter home!


LinuxMCE 0810 Final Release :: This is a version for a stable, functional system, but somewhat out of date.
LinuxMCE 1004 The most up-to-date Final Release :: This is the recommended version for a stable, functional system. If unsure as to which version to go for, make it 10.04.
LinuxMCE 1204 Pre-Alpha :: Considered to be "bleeding edge". Being worked on by the developers.


User Manual
LinuxMCE User Manual
HOWTO guides describing common scenarios
Frequently Asked Questions
Responses to the most common questions
Hardware documentation
Help with common problems
Support chat
Support forum
Hardware Compatibility
Compatible Hardware


Contact Information
Contact people involved with the project
Programmer's Guide
A guide for software developers
Software Components
Open source software used by LinuxMCE
Bug Reporting
Help improve the software by reporting bugs
Source Code
Access the LinuxMCE source code
View version histories and changes