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This is a setup wizard which runs automatically on the first startup after installation and can be ran from the orbiters by selecting the Advanced > Setup Wizard.

Choosing the Correct Wizard

First Page of the Setup Wizard
After selection of the Setup Wizard you will see an additional screen. If the audio and video are properly setup you should see and hear a video. If this is correct please select Next.

Which Wizard to Choose

The next screen you will encounter asks which wizard would you like to start: Media Player Wizard or the House Setup Wizard. Please select the wizard you want to begin.

Media Player Wizard

After choosing the Media Player Wizard you will be taken through a series of screens designed to make setup easier.

Choose the Room

Which Room are you in?

The first thing LinuxMCE needs to know about the setup is which room is this located in. If you have not already set up the rooms in your house please finish the House Setup Wizard before returning to the Media Player Wizard.