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Motion is an open source surveillance camera recording software. Its homepage is found at [here] and is very well written and documented. Its main feature is that it detects motion (hence the name!) and can start recording based on motion criteria.

Motion in LinuxMCE

LinuxMCE has a wrapper that connects to Motion. You add this wrapper as an "Interface" on the Interface page. It is called, "Motion Wrapper". You must have this interface prior to setting up your cameras.

Adding IP cameras to motion

Axis camera is auto detected and device is generated, but not under Motion as parent. If you run IP Camera under moton you get all features motion has (motion detection,recording,etc...). Quick and not so clean workaround for adding IP camera device under Motion:

  1. Add Generic Analog Camera #66 Device
  2. Change Configuraton field to add data for IP camera

Example for Axis camera :

netcam_userpass username:password    

Omit last one if you don't have any access password specified.

Compiling (contributing) to Motion Wrapper in LinuxMCE

On 0.41 version of LinuxMCE I wanted to incorporate few changes into Motion wrapper. I decided to compile it and described procedure here.