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The Now playing contect object provides all of the information about the currently playing media available. The only thing it does not provide is timecode. This is done by another object'


Properties are accessed by: dcenowplaying.propertyname
Property Name Property Type Signal Description Example
b_mediaPlaying bool mediaStatusChanged() True if media is playing in this EA, false if other wise EX: hiding an element based on media playing state
               anchors.centerIn: parent
               width:  parent.width*.90
               height: parent.height*.91
               radius: 6
              visible: dcenowplaying.b_mediaPlaying ? true : false
               color: "transparent"
               Image{ // Album art here
                   id: nowPlayingArt
                   anchors.fill: parent
                   source: "image://listprovider/updateobject/"+securityvideo.timestamp
                   fillMode:  Image.PreserveAspectFit
                   smooth:  true
               MouseArea {
                   anchors.fill: parent
tcCurrentTime int mediaStatusChanged() True if media is playing in this EA, false if other wise
runningTimer double positionChanged() Used to constantly update the position of the seek bar as media advances By setting the x property to do a little math, I get the seek bar to advance across the transit as the media plays
x: ( dceTimecode.runningTimer / dceTimecode.tcTotalTime) * scroller.width
dragTime String dragTimeChanged() the time that the slider if implemented has been dragged to. Here, it is utilized in a popup that shows when a user drags the seek bar
Text {
           id: drag_label
           text: dceTimecode.dragTime
           anchors.centerIn: parent
qsTotalTime String totalStringTimeChanged() Total time of media, formatted in HH::MM::SS - updated every second
qsCurrentTime String stringTimeChanged() The current position of the media in HH:MM::SS - updated every second
stringPlaybackSpeed string sPlaybackSpeedChanged() Playback speed in string format
playbackSpeed int playbackSpeedChanged() Playback Speed in integer format