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[[Image:Olevia_template_1.jpg|200px]] [[Image:Olevia_template_2.jpg|200px]] [[Image:Olevia_template_3.jpg|200px]] [[Image:Olevia_template_4.jpg|200px]] [[Image:Olevia_template_5.jpg|200px]] [[Image:Olevia_template_6.jpg|200px]]
[[Image:Olevia_template_1.jpg|200px]] [[Image:Olevia_template_2.jpg|200px]]  
===Ruby Codes===
[[Image:Olevia_template_3.jpg|200px]] [[Image:Olevia_template_4.jpg|200px]] [[Image:Olevia_template_5.jpg|200px]] [[Image:Olevia_template_6.jpg|200px]]

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Olevia has several TV's with rs232 serial control ports. Some of them use the standard DB-9 plug, while others require a unique cable made by olevia. A template has been created as well as a plug an play script by PeTeK and will hopefully be implemented in the 8.10 release. Until then, here are the needed steps to gain rs232 functionality to your Olevia 2xxT and 5xxt series TV.

Adding a template

Will add more info later. Until then, check out these pictures for the relevant information.

Olevia template 1.jpg Olevia template 2.jpg

Ruby Codes

Olevia template 3.jpg Olevia template 4.jpg Olevia template 5.jpg Olevia template 6.jpg