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Problems and Steps for 0804

1. Build dependencies are not installed. The list with packages needed for building linuxmce needs to be updated from one release to another so you can have the dependencies installed on the build machine. There is no automatic tool for doing this and is a time consuming task when package names change and split as you need to wait for the build to fail to intstall other packages.

2. New release in linuxmce database. For every release/distro you need to add a bunch entries in the linuxmce database. First you need to update the 'Distro' table then all the Packages related tables. Linuxmce uses the database at build time when creating deb packages for depencies and later at install time to install those dependecies, add repositories and so on. Since on every release some packages tend to change names or split/merge into others, updating the packages tables is time consuming and as you need to do some install / fix cycles before figure them out.

3. Download packages that will go on CD1/CD2 . Same problem: packages rename, split/merge will result in dificulties of updating the list of packages that will be needed on CD1/CD2. A depency wallker that walks the dependicies from the Packages table will not do the trick as the database is bloated with packages that will never install on a real system and will cause the size of downloaded packages to increase too much. CD1/CD2 contains the packages needed to satisfy install time depencies of LinuxMCE.

4. The scripts which creates the deboostrap diskless image needed to be updated and switch from 'gutsy' to 'hardy'. I've not changed it so that will work on any ubunutu release from now on without any modification.

5. There is no centralized way to fetch the skins / pluto sample media files. I created a internal rsync public repository to fix this but this copying needs to be done by hand for now. Usually you find out about this problem when some pacakges fail to create => more time lost.

6. Updating the replacements dependencies: There are some deb-scr packages in trunk/ubuntu. The debs created from this ones are not found in ubuntu but are needed by linuxmce. Since the package rename split/merge affects them too, they need to be updated.

7. Related to 6, Lib simple phone that we used with 0710 no longer compiles on 0804 as it uses some old headers. So the makefile for Pluto Simple Phone needs to change to use the new version that is available in ubuntu. It's depencies need to be updated in the database so it will not try to install the unbuild package. Also the simple phone code needs to be updated to compile and run with the new lib.

8. Need to find a new version of vmware that runs file in 0804 and install a kubuntu on it so we can use it as a start point for a dvd creating machine. This steps are detailed in Building_LinuxMCE

9. A kubuntu 0804 bootable cd needs to be striped down so it can be used as a starting point for the dvd. This steps are detailed in Building_LinuxMCE

10. sqlCVS seams to stop working correctly on creating a sqlcvsdump file => the database packages fails to install. A script that copies the sqlcvsdumps from older 0710 build machines (if you're lucky to have one). This lead to a lot of problems with the first build as it contained a older sqldump which didn't had the changes of the Packages / Distro tables.

11. Diskless image failes to create because of some missing packages. This missing packages have no source in our svn and are imported from other developers / companies: slimserver, vdr, zwave, myth...

12. Try to make a list of package from #11 and find out if we have debs for 0804. Some of them aren't so easy to find.

13. Manually update the database of the build system to fix some dependencies. Our previous sqlcvs local server that we used to do this changes just failed. Until somebody 'A..' comes with some info on how to do a sqlcvs sync I can't touch the database in the main repository (pluto-mythtv). Need to be redone when i can do a sqlsync.

14. Found out that asterisk-pluto was hardcoded on a specific version of zaptel kernel modules that are not longer available in 0804. Fixed by updating it's dependencies.

15. Intial linux image the md's boot in order to annouce theirselves needs to be update to match 0804's kernel version.

16. Mplayer svn26234 fails to compile on 0804 : can't find a register in class 'GENERAL_REGS' while reloading 'asm' . The solution was to add -fomit-frame-pointer to the CFLAGS in the Makefile that was compiling that file.

17. Nvidia drivers needed by linuxmce are now found in ubuntu but in nvidia-glx-new instead on nvidia. Needed to update the depenencies and script that where looking for nividia-glx to point to the new packages. Also needed to create a diversion to lrm-video so that it can load the nvidia module even if nvidia is not listed in xorg.conf so avwizard can run.

18. The scripts that create the diskless image where hardcoded to the kernel version that 0710 had. Changed all hardcodings to a generic 'uname -r'