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MD Error: Prompt_User_Window


Created this page to troubleshoot this error I'm getting on my media director with 12.04 alpha - 28804 snapshot. Basically, the MD starts up ok but before it can stabilise (I have UI2 medium) the screen blanks and I get a KDE window with the title prompt_user_window. Nothing else for a bit then it blanks again. Seems to come and go when I try to play media.

Also my media background isn't there.


None yet, will search logs and try various fixes and document here when I fix it.

Note: This happened on Zotac_Zbox_AD04 media director.

looking at logs:

05      03/14/14 15:04:36.987           Inquiry started <0xb7720b40>
05      03/14/14 15:04:49.794           Inquiry complete
05      03/14/14 15:04:49.795           Inquiry started <0xb7720b40>
05      03/14/14 15:05:02.601           Inquiry complete
05      03/14/14 15:05:02.602           Inquiry started <0xb7720b40>
05      03/14/14 15:05:15.409           Inquiry complete
05      03/14/14 15:05:15.410           Inquiry started <0xb7720b40>

Pretty much goes on all the time every few seconds. Why does it keep running this? I'm wondering if it's to do with my Rii Mini i8 bluetooth keyboard.

I'm going to rebuild the MD from scratch and not plug in the Rii until it's running and stable and see if I get the same results.

Watch this space...