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Usage Information
Advanced Scenarios Admin Page

These LinuxMCE Admin Website pages create your scenarios. Each scenario is a group of commands, or tasks, that appears on the Orbiter as a button.

  • The wizard allows you to quickly create scenarios to do the most common tasks.
  • LinuxMCE Admin Website --> Advanced --> Configuration --> Scenarios displays advanced options for configuring the scenarios.


  • The "lighting scenario" wizard shows you all the lights in your home and lets you easily chose settings for each one. Use the wizard to create a lighting scenario called 'Bedtime' that turns off all the lights in the house.
  • Any sort of action can be added to your scenario using the Advanced settings, however. Use the LinuxMCE Admin Website-->Advanced --> Configuration --> Scenarios editor to specify that the 'Bedtime' scenario should also set the alarm and change the status of all users to "sleeping".
  • To add custom scenarios to a category of your choosing, use "Advanced"; it is not possible to do this using the wizard.

Default Scenarios

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