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User Interface

The LinuxMCE on-screen Orbiter User Interface (UI) was designed to be viewed on a basic television from 10' away. There are currently three versions of the UI, and selection depends on the type of video card you have. UI1 is the most basic, and runs on all video cards. UI2 with masking will run on a majority of graphics card (with OpenGL and XDamage support), but UI2 alpha-blended is confirmed to work only with certain nVidia graphics cards. See Selecting the Right UI.

UI1 takes over the screen whenever you bring up the menu; any video that is playing is reduced to a window. In UI2 your media is always full-screen and is never reduced. (When you're not watching your own video or photos, LinuxMCE displays gallery art from flickr or a selection of your own photos).

File Browser
UI2 with alpha blending / transparency UI2 with medium settings UI1 or Basic UI
FileBrowserUI2B-small.jpg FileBrowserUI2M-small.jpg FileBrowserUI1-small.jpg