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Usage Information
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Supported with plug and play.

All Squeezeboxes with a display are plug and play. The Squeezebox receiver, when used without the accompanying remote Duet, needs to have some special treatment before it can be detected.


This is list of current Logitech Squeezebox devices as of 06/2010:


LinuxMCE uses SqueezeSlave instead of softsqueeze. There is a dedicated device template for it. Adding SqueezeSlave Devices has details on how it is added to a system.


Adding Squeezebox Receiver

The Squeezebox Receiver needs to be configured before it can be used. The utility Net::UDAP is used to configure the Squeezebox Receiver with the relevant IP configuration.

You can download a Windows standalone version of the Net:UDAP Utility here NET:UDAP Exe You can find examples of the command set and usage here Sample Command usage

For a Receiver connected to a CAT5 network use the following commands in NET:UDAP to configure your SB Receiver;

Before entering the commands below into NET:UDAP you need to get your Receiver into 'Init mode' by pressing the button on the front for 6 secs - release the button when it flashes quickly in 'Red'. After a few seconds the button will start to flash slowly in 'Red' you are ready for the steps below (enter these commands into NET:UDAP);

conf 1
set interface=1 lan_ip_mode=1 squeezecenter_address=

As soon as you enter the 'save_data' command above your Orbiters should display the announcement that a Squeezebox has been detected (accept it and add it to a room as usual). Now after you enter the 'reset' command above you should see that the Receivers button will change from 'Red' to 'Green'...and if this is the first time you have attached your Receiver to a Network it will probably download new updated firmware...the button will flash 'White' for about 30 secs...then it will change to a solid white. Now you should add your new SB Receiver to your Core's Floorplan (this is optional of course) and then do a 'Full Regen' from Web Admin...and your done!

Note: the above may refer to v710. See also for adding a squeezebox to v810. After slimserver is downloaded and installed, don't forget to configure it at port 9000.

Squeezebox remote stuff

Just in case you misplaced your remote, but have a gc100 with IR emittors handy (like I did).