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This page will help users to pick a snapshot for testing or use. You can download from this page Not all snapshots work, so please choose ones below that are reported working. You can find an overview of fixes and listed bugs here If you find unreported bugs please report them in the svn. This page is a work in progress but the information is valid.

Recommended Download


MD5SUM: 6d05fbecf2f414617512f758a0e5a995

LMCE-1204-20140302030428788.iso 02-Mar-2014 04:40 VM Hardware
Audio PASS ???
Video - Stored media / DVD Playback ???? ???
Diskless MD creation PASS ???
MythTV ???? ????
VDR ???? ????
Online Services ???? ???
Automation - Insteon ???? ????
Automation - X10 ???? ????
Automation - Zwave ???? ????
Networking PASS ???
Security ???? ????
Telecom ???? ????

VM Install Remarks


vesa graphics will not show bootsplash, instead displaying backgrounding errors. These erros occur on every Ubuntu/Kubuntu disk, you typically do not see them because their bootsplash is different than ours, so please disregard them. L3mce

After core install initial MD didn't create correctly - it could have been me being impatient either... Re-ran on core and once completed newly added MD gets created successfully.

Failed Installations

LMCE-1204-20140226223128766.iso 26-Feb-2014 23:21 | FAIL Networking issues [1]

Previous succesfull installs