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LinuxMCE is a pretty big project. Not counting GSD devices, LinuxMCE's own code is already well over a million lines in hundreds of modules, with over 1,000 pages of online documentation, and in addition LinuxMCE also incorporates lots of other big open source projects like Asterisk, Xine, MythTV, Firefox, VideoLan, SlimServer, Kubuntu Linux itself, etc., all of which have special LinuxMCE 'wrappers' to allow them to work together seamlessly as a total home solution. For the brave of heart, you can also download modules by hand, and see all the dependencies and compatibility for each module.

SVN repository (always up-to-date)

Current source is available here:


you can browse it using web browser or use Subversion tool to check out code and fetch further updates:

svn checkout http://svn.linuxmce.org/svn/branches/LinuxMCE-1004/ linuxmce

Be sure to read the page Building LinuxMCE to set up a builder to compile LinuxMCE.

Keywords: svn, source code, checkout, subversion