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This page was written by Pluto and imported with their permission when LinuxMCE branched off in February, 2007. In general any information should apply to LinuxMCE. However, this page should be edited to reflect changes to LinuxMCE and remove old references to Pluto.

The easiest way to get Pluto is using the Kick-Start CD If you don't use the Kick-Start CD, you can also install Pluto on your existing Linux or Windows computer.

No matter which method you choose you should login or register at, click 'My Pluto' and then choose 'New Installation' to get the software. A wizard will ask you a few questions and then give you the appropriate link.

The Symbian mobile phone software has been tested on the Nokia 3650/3660 Series 60. Once we are satisfied with the stability of this software we will begin targeting other Symbian phones as well.

The current version of the Orbiter uses the SDL library since it is compatible with Linux, Windows and Windows CE. It should work on Windows Pocket Phone-based mobile phones with minimal modifications, but has not yet been tested. All the logic is in a UI and OS independent class. The OrbiterSDL class is actually quite small, so it should be easy to use other libraries, such as Windows SDK's, to handle the Orbiter's graphic and text rendering.

PlutoVIP has its own software download page Download.