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LMCE Testplan


What is this for?

The reason I started this page is that for 0810 we really want that everything we say work really work the way we say it should.

A test plan is also a good way for users to verify things by them self in a consistent manner.

This document will grow over time.

Consider this the first alpha release.

Objectives and Tasks



General Orbiter



Item Task Result Expected result Comment
1 Basic Navigation. Do mainpage look alright?
2 Change user
3 Change room
4 Do screensaver work
5 do power buttons work?

Advanced Options

Item Task Result Expected result Comment
1 Infrared Codes
2 Add GC100 System should find a GC100 device.
Add it to the system.
3 Show ping test ?
4 Network Settings Changes done should be applied to your system
5 Force Upgrade System check for updates.
If there is one available it is applied.
6 Add keyboard/mouse
7 Regen All Orbiters Latest GUI changes all your your orbiters
System will not be usable during this task.
8 Regen Orbiter Latest GUI changes are applied to your orbiter
9 Pending Tasks Show a list of tasks running.
Ex. Ripping a DVD show progress status here
10 Add Software Show a list of sorftware that can be added automatically.
For dvdcss that make it possible to play encrypted DVDs.
11 Setup Wizard Take you to initial setup wizard.
12 Video/Audio setup AVWizard to configure audio and video
13 Remote Asisstance Not available for now.
No need to test.
14 Reload and regen all orbiters Reload router and apply latest
gui changes all your orbiters
15 Reload and regen orbiter Reload router and apply latest
gui changes to you orbiter
16 Reset MDs or Core Reset chosen unit
17 Quick Reload Do a quick reload of router.
System not usable during this task
18 Force Reload Do orbiter reload even if there are unfinished tasks
19 KDE Desktop Should start KDE desktop






Item Task Result Expected result Comment
1 Browse video media. Do GUI look alright?
2 Play SD video
3 Play 720P video
4 Play 1080P video
5 Do ff/rew when watching video
6 Do pause
7 Stop video, then start same video again. You should get a question if you want to continue from where you left off
8 Move active video to another MD Video should continue from the same point on destination MD


Item Task Result Expected result Comment
1 Browse audio media. Do GUI look alright?
2 Play mp3 audio You should hear it
3 Play flac audio you should here it
4 Play ogg audio You should here it
5 Do ff/rew for audio media Able to move forward or backward within active audio file
6 Move playin from one MD to another Sound should continue form the same point on another MD




Item Task Result Expected result Comment
1 Create playlist. Save as public
2 create playlist. Save as private
3 Test private playlist from another user Should not work, since other user do not have access.
4 Play playlist Should start from first media file
5 Change song in playlist

Manage Drives

Item Task Result Expected result Comment
1 Present information about attached storage Can be HDD, Flash-drives,Jukebox or CD/DVD
2 Do play work Should start play chosen media in room
you have set on your orbiter
3 Eject on CD/DVD or Jukebox. As it sounds.
Should eject chosen media.
4 Rip media Should rip the media you chose to hdd.
Metdata should be attached in media browser
if Updatemedia find any data