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TimeCodeManager is the class responsible for processing timecode for external playing media. This means anything not playing locally in QOrbiter. It can be accessed as a property by "dcetimecode"


Property Name Property Type Signal Description
tcTotalTime int totalTimeChanged() the total time, in milliseconds of the current media
tcCurrentTime int timeChanged() the current position, in milliseconds
runningTimer double positionChanged()  ??
dragTime String dragTimeChanged() the time that the slider if implemented has been dragged to.
qsTotalTime String totalStringTimeChanged() Total time of media, formatted in HH::MM::SS - updated every second
qsCurrentTime String stringTimeChanged() The current position of the media in HH:MM::SS - updated every second
stringPlaybackSpeed string sPlaybackSpeedChanged() Playback speed in string format
playbackSpeed int playbackSpeedChanged() Playback Speed in integer format