Translate the GUI into another language

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To select the Language for an Orbiter, use LinuxMCE Admin Website-->Wizard-->Devices-->Orbiter.

For developers

The text which you see on the Orbiter is stored in the LinuxMCE_main database in the "Text" and "Text_LS" tables. Each block of text or phrase has an entry in the text table. The Text_LS table has text in the language specified.

To add a new language you need to add a new record to the Language table, and then add new records to Text_LS, with the translated version of each text blocked. It is easiest to do this in the Designer program. Designer will show you all the text blocks logically laid out in folders and categories. It is not necessary to translate the entire user interface all at once. You can translate only certain phrases and when OrbiterGen rebuilds the User Interface it will use English for any phrases that are not translated.