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UPnP Server Notes

The UPnP service provided by fuppesd is used to serve all the media on a LinuxMCE system to a UPnP client. BUT, right now, the UPnP service does not know, when things change. Whenever media is added to the system, the fuppesd database need to be rebuild.

Rebuilding UPnP Database

To rebuild the UPnP database, the web admin provides the UPnP page under Advanced / UPnP Server. Under Options click on Rebuild Database, to update the upnp database with current list of files in the system.

Hopefully, this will change in the future, and there is going to be a tie between UpdateMedia and the UPnP server.

Development changes for UPnP server in LMCE

We are working on a replacement that will be better integrated with LinuxMCE. The proposed server is MediaTomb.

MediaTomb have several functions that do not exist in fuppes.

  • It support mySQL.
  • Support for transcoding.
  • Will have support for streaming of ISO files in version 0.12
  • Transcoding can be scripted.
  • Bad support for Xbox360. Open question? I guess we cannot have good support for everything.

Development Notes

Add information that are nice to know during the time we integrate MediaTomb.