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I may as well put some details on my set-up here. At the moment it is at the experimental stage, time invested now will be just that, beginning to get time to play with this in freshly renovated house.

Dedicated Core

 Recently installed 14.04.
 Now on a HP ML115 G5 micro tower server.
 This beastie has plenty of space - four Hard Drive bays. Added a PCI-E intel Gbit NIC. Added 1TB WD caviar SATA 7200rpm
 DVB-T freecom USB stick.
 (Tried this with previously working driver and it causes bad things to happen, lsusb freezes.
 Found newer version here Intrepid pkg yet to test...)
 2xDVBWorld DVB-S2 USB receivers.
 2xTopping TP30 USB DACs fed by squeezeslaves for two audio zones.


 Z-wave zcu201 controller - for now.
 3x Qees Reto plus inline dimmer
 1x Fibaro dimmer FGD211.
 1x Fibaro dual Relay FGS221.
 1x Aeon Minimote
 1x Key chain controller.
 1x Everspring SP814 Motion detector


 Netgear Readynas NV+


 Restarted on the ASUS M2N-VM HDMI mothorboard based Media director.
 Pxe booting and UI2 overlay in operation!
 No extras required so far - will update this with additions whenever needed.
 AMD 64 X2 4200+ processor, 1GB RAM, slot load slimline DVD.
 Pegatron Cape7
 Pxe booting and UI2 overlay in operation!
 Phoenix Duet - similar to the Phoenix solo but with built-in spkr, need to revert alsa drivers see this forum post to get this going.
 HP Laptop - n/w boot
 3 x Squeezebox receivers for audio zones.


 Dell 19" LCD Dell W1900
 see note re audio in
 Pioneer PDPLX5090
 Controlled by Pegatron Cape7 MD, USBtoSerial converter.
 Works PnP in 10.04/12.04, AFAIK also in 8.10 but there were some issues with /dev/ttyUSB0 vs /dev/<dev id>

AV Receiver

 Denon AVR-2312
 Not controlled by MD yet. Serial template exists - what about LAN?