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Acer Aspire Revo 3600 and Sony Bravia KDL-32T3800

THIS IS EVIL, DO NOT COPY! (but do help me out if you know how to fix.)

By default LinuxMCE disables EDID. By coincidence the KDL-32T2800 seems to have some esoteric frequency requirements that requires the Revo to use EDID to get the correct settings, else displaying the message "Out of Range". I tried modeline generator tools online, and also tried setting to "builtin", but could not get the Revo to display anything via the HDMI port to my TV, excepting when it thought it was displaying via component at 480p.

I therefore had to follow the page linked above, and set my diskless booting Revo to use EDID (only the Revo - /usr/pluto/diskless/XX/etc/X11/xorg.conf where XX is the Revo's device ID). I'm sure that long-time users of LMCE will balk at this, however, it seems to be the only way I can get my Sony Bravia running. I'll obviously look into further detail when I get the time, and maybe a spare revo, to play with it.

The Frequency Requirements

I'm posting these in case anyone can see what I'm doing wrong.

Signal Type  |  Resolution  |  Horiz Freq   |  Vert Freq  |  Standard
VGA          |  640x480     |  31.5         |  60         |  VESA
SVGA         |  800x600     |  37.9         |  60         |  VESA Guidelines
XGA          |  1024x768    |  48.4         |  60         |  VESA Guidelines
WXGA         |  1280x768    |  47.4 or 47.8 |  60         |  VESA
WXGA         |  1360x768    |  47.7         |  60         |  VESA

The AVWizard does not display anything onscreen until I tell it to "use the component output" of which there are none on the Revo. The modeline generator I found on the internet would not let me use a horizontal frequency of 47.7 for 1360x768, instead opting for a higher value. I don't really know much about monitors, and therefore don't understand what the frequencies mean in real terms. Any help would be appreciated if you happen to wander by here AND know what I'm doing wrong.

It's working right now, so it's not urgent, but obviously it would be better if I were using the official methodology rather than the hack to enable EDID. In the long-run this will only cause me more headaches when I upgrade my equipment, as I now have stuff hardcoded into configuration files and have neutered some of LMCE's inner workings.

/END THIS IS EVIL, DO NOT DO COPY! (but do help me out if you know how to fix.)